Board approves revised fine schedule for dog leash rule

At the recommendation of the Appeals Committee, the POA Board approved a revised schedule for rule Gr.2.14a to reflect a written warning then to progress into a fine for additional violations of the rule.

Rule Gr.2.14a states that dogs must be restrained by a leash while on common property, or, confined by fencing or other secured enclosure within an owner’s property. If the owner fails to confine his/her dog(s) on the owner’s property for any reason, the owners will be liable for any and all damages caused by the unconfined dog(s). The owners of the animal(s), or the owner of the property in the case of a leased property, will be issued a citation for this violation and Community Patrol will immediately notify the local animal control authorities to have the dog(s) contained.

The revised fines are as follows:

  • 1st offense: written warning
  • 2nd offense: $50
  • 3rd offense: $100
  • Progressive

Prior to the revisions, the fine for violating this rule was $100 per offense.


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