Canyon Lake approves pay hike for city council members

The Canyon Lake City Council on Wednesday approved to increase compensation for city council members from $350 to $950 per month, effective when at least one member of the council begins a new term. This adjustment marks the first change to the compensation rate since the city was incorporated on December 1, 1990.

Signed by Governor Newsom on June 29, 2023, Senate Bill 329 allows general law cities a one-time chance to “reset” city council salaries by enacting an ordinance to increase city council compensation to account for inflation since the last update in 1984.

The Legislature is responsible for adjusting compensation amounts for general law cities. State law allows city councils to enact an ordinance to provide their council members with salaries that are limited based on the city’s population.

The City of Canyon Lake is permitted to compensate city council members $300 per month under Government Code section 36516(a)(2)(C). Under this existing legislation, the city can enact an ordinance, at any time, to increase the compensation beyond these amounts; however, the increase cannot exceed five percent for each calendar year from the last salary adjustment and no ordinance can provide for automatic future increases. The city can also increase or decrease these salaries in any amount by submitting a measure to the voters.


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