Canyon Lake couple to celebrate 70th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving

The Sacks enjoy a boat ride on Canyon Lake. Photo provided by Debbie Sacks.

Helene and Ronald Sacks, Canyon Lake residents since 1998, will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving. “Lucky me!” is the way Ron Sacks describes his marriage of 70 years to his bride Helene.

Helene and Ron grew up in Santa Monica and met at Santa Monica High School in the 1950s. Engaged during their senior year, Helene recalls wearing her diamond engagement ring to school and causing quite a buzz in her typing class. She recalls her teacher responding, “That will never last.” Helene proved her teacher wrong and still laughs about the incident.

At the age of 18, Helene and Ron married in 1951 in a traditional ceremony held at the Carolina Pines in Los Angeles. They have three sons, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Their son, Chuck, and his wife, Debbie, reside in Canyon Lake. 

The couple is often surrounded by their loving family and many friends out on the ocean, on the lake, on a family vacation, or a lakeside barbeque.

Helene attributes her long marriage to mutual respect and living a very simple life. “I was a homemaker and Ron worked very hard,” she said. “In our free time, we were out in the ocean, boating, and fishing with our kids.”

Ron worked for a family member in the shoe business and built a brand called Sacks Shoes. Later, he made Ringo leather sandals with a tire sole while living in San Bernardino. Twenty years later, Helene and Ron moved back to Los Angeles and then settled in Canyon Lake.

When asked what has been the magic of a 70-year marriage, Ron said, “I got lucky and found the right partner, and when you have the right partner, there is no end to the wonderful life you can share.”

For the next 20 years, the Sacks said they plan to slow down and live at their speed. “We cannot live at racecourse speed now, and that’s just fine,” Ron said. “My advice to a young couple is that your relationship should include an appreciation of family and what you build. With this, it all plays out. Live within your means, be aggressive in finding a lifestyle you like, and provide the income to support it all. Lucky me, it worked out.”

The Sacks will be celebrating their anniversary with family on Thanksgiving in Brian Head, Utah. 

The Sacks are pictured at their 1950 prom. Photo provided by Debbie Sacks.
The Sacks are pictured on their wedding day. Photo provided by Debbie Sacks.

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