Canyon Lake fire chief presents department report for April

On May 8, Canyon Lake Fire Chief Jeff LaTendresse updated the public with the department’s monthly report for April.

Station 1 responded to 100 calls. They include two fire responses, 75 rescue/EMS incidents, one hazardous condition seven service calls, 11 good intent calls, and four false alarms.

The two fire responses included a vehicle fire in the BLM area and a structure fire in the 20000 block of Pinto Drive caused by a pizza box igniting after it was placed on a hot stove.

The department also responded to an incident involving a vehicle that slid into the lake. Other responding agencies included the Riverside County/Cal Fire Swift Water Rescue Team, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team, EVMWD, Canyon Lake POA, and the Riverside County Environmental Health.

The average dispatch to en route response time was 0.54 minutes, en route to arrival time was 5.25 minutes, and dispatch to arrival time was 6.19 minutes. These times represent the average of all CODE 3 EMS responses in the city. They do not include auto/mutual aid incidents.

The 90 percent fractile dispatch to en route response time was 1.27 minutes, en route to arrival time was 7.15 minutes, and dispatch to arrival time was 8.04 minutes.

Riverside County/Cal Fire responded to nine incidents in Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake engines responded to 12 incidents outside the city. They include 11 in Lake Elsinore and one in Menifee.

Firefighters trained 214.77 hours. The training focused on personal protection clothing, rope rescue operations, simulator training, RHearT medical training, fire ground survival training, and reserve firefighter wildland training.

Public outreach and education included participating in the Hope Lights the Night event, City Community Cleanup, Dispatch appreciation, Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee, and Girl Scouts station tour.


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