Canyon Lake Marine Patrol received more than 200 calls for service in April

On June 2, the Canyon Lake POA presented the Marine Patrol report for the month of April.

Marine Patrol received 201 calls for service, an increase of 148 calls from the previous month. Staff performed 139 boat safety inspections, 11 boat tows, two battery assists, 38 fishing license checks, and 37 quagga inspections.

Four warnings were issued for excessive wake, two warnings were issued for reckless behavior while operating a motorized boat, one warning was issued for plowing, and two warnings were issued for loud noise.

Five citations were issued for loud noise, five citations were issued for fishing licenses, and one citation was issued for expired/no registration (POA).

Patrol boats operated a total of 169.3 hours on the main lake, 156 hours on the East Bay, and 43.3 hours on the north ski area. Boat one operated 160.8 hours, boat two 56.2 hours, boat three operated 43.3 hours, and boat four operated 108.3 hours.

The primary functions of the Marine Patrol are rules and regulations compliance, quagga and boat safety inspections, and incident observation and reporting to the POA.


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