Canyon Lake Pickleball Club announces winners of 7th Annual Sweethearts Tournament

Group one winners. Photo provided by Steve Libring.

The Canyon Lake Pickleball Club held its 7th Annual Sweethearts Tournament for couples and singles on Saturday afternoon. Thirty participants were divided into two groups, pairing 15 couples who battled it out in a grueling best-of-six matches format.

Seven of the couples were either married or dating each other, while the other eight couples were partnered up as a “couple” for the day.

The first group was in a tight race for the top prize as Carlos Hansen and Nancy Contreras tied with Kimberly Keigwin and Hank Robles for first place, each winning five of their first six matches and tying in the number of points they allowed their opponents.

Group two winners. Photo provided by Steve Libring.

To settle the score, a playoff game was held to decide who wins the top prize of $50 in gift cards. After being tied at seven points in a race to 11 points, Carlos and Nancy finally pulled away with the win, placing Kimberly and Hank in second place. Third place went to Jassibeth Oro and Chris Hempel.

In the second group, newcomers Farzad Adib and Chelle Hass went undefeated in the six matches and claimed the top prize.

Val Gambina and Jamie Medford finished second with their only loss to the first place winners. With a 4-2 record for the day, Steve and Diane Libring rounded out the prize money winners in third place.  

Tournament Director Julie Doherty. Photo by Najway Kfouri.

“The food was fabulous and the crowds had so much fun playing and watching others play in the other groups,” Membership Director Steve Libring said. “There were even four community members that came to watch the event and were so impressed with the fun everyone was having they joined the club on the spot and increased the club membership to 508 adults now and growing.”

For more information about the Canyon Lake Pickleball Club, upcoming events, tournaments, monthly socials, or free beginner lessons, contact Steve Libring at [email protected].

Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Photo by Najwa Fkouri.

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