Canyon Lake Pickleball Club teaches more than 50 enthusiastic learners

The pickleball courts were bustling on Saturday with more than 55 individuals eager to learn the game. Photo provided by Steve Libring.

Fifty-five individuals seized the chance to take free lessons offered by the Canyon Lake Pickleball Cub on Saturday. Nine club members volunteered their time to give instructions on game rules, groundstrokes, dinking, serving techniques, gameplay dynamics, scoring, and overall strategy.

The introductory lessons provided an opportunity for participants to experience the sport and engage with others at a similar entry level. The diverse group, spanning ages 24 to 81, included numerous couples eager to embark on a new activity they could enjoy together.

The Canyon Lake Pickleball Club has more than 550 members. Membership is $30 for three years. In addition to gameplay, the club enjoys competitive tournaments, potlucks, and other activities. For more information, contact Membership Director Steve Libring at 951-760-3140 or [email protected].


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