Canyon Lake POA Board approves new rule prohibiting e-bikes, scooters, skateboards from being ridden at special events

Due to the surge in personal mobility device usage in the community and the impact it has had on pedestrian and vehicle and golf cart traffic at special event locations, the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors approved a new rule that prohibits such devices from being ridden in or upon at special events located on common areas, in parking lots, or on roadways where a special event is taking place.

Beyond special events at the lodge and parks, Fiesta Day and golf cart parades are included. Personal mobility devices include bicycles, scooters, e-bikes, and skateboards.

Members riding personal use devices to the event must walk the device in and around the event area, parking lot, or roadway and park the device in the designated area, ensuring safer pedestrian and vehicle flow during special events.

The fine for violating this rule is $100.


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