Canyon Lake POA Board revises rule pertaining to mooring requirements for boats

The Rules Review Committee was tasked with reviewing and recommending updates to the mooring requirements for boats, specifically in coves. Some coves are very small and narrow, making it difficult to maneuver boats into and out of the cove. Docks with multiple boats tied off are contributing factors to this problem.

To help prevent impediments to the navigational waterways, the POA Board of Directors approved a 28-day reading to revise rule LM.6.19.

Current Rule: LM.6.19 Secure Moored Boats
Required at Docks Moored boats must be properly secured to docks. Boats adrift may be impounded at owner’s expense. Fine: $50.

Revised Rule: LM.6.19 Docked Boats
All docked boats must be secured. All docked boats must not impede the navigational waterway of any cove. Boats adrift may be impounded at owner’s expense. Fine: $100.


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