Canyon Lake resident confronts intruder in her home

On Saturday around 3:30 p.m., a Canyon Lake resident of the Fairway Estates was informed by a neighbor that her front door was open and a woman was inside. The homeowner, who had been out running errands since 11 a.m., rushed home and found the intruder inside her residence.

“When I confronted her, she told me that she lived here and asked what I was doing in her home,” the homeowner said. After a strange dialogue with the intruder, the intruder grabbed a bag off the front porch and left on foot. “She left her shoes here and walked off,” the homeowner said.

Inside the residence, the homeowner found her cat with its leash wrapped around its neck. “I don’t know how the woman even found that leash,” the homeowner said. “My cat hated that leash, so it has been up in the cupboard over my washer and dryer for more than 10 years.” The cat survived the attack.

After the intruder left, the homeowner performed a search of the residence and found that the intruder had opened every window in the residence, lit candles, drank a bottle of the homeowner’s champagne, rummaged through all of the closets, removed family photos from the television stand, and rearranged the furniture on the patio.

“Some items were missing, others were just out of place,” the homeowner said. “The tiny cat figurines I had in my curio cabinet were removed and replaced with the guestbook from my mom’s funeral. It’s bizarre.”

The homeowner also noticed a blanket on the couch and a bottle of her champagne and the intruder’s shoes on the floor. “Apparently, she thought she lived here,” the homeowner said. “She even took out my trash!”

The neighbor contacted Community Patrol and the police. “The woman was walking out of the Fairway Estates gate on Skylink Drive, heading toward Canyon Hills, as Community Patrol arrived,” the homeowner said. “The police arrived about 10 minutes later and took a report. Community Patrol provided the police with a photo of the woman, who was captured on camera exiting the gate.”

The homeowner’s neighbor believes the intruder had been in his backyard earlier. “The latch on his gate and a windchime were broken,” the homeowner said.

The suspect is about five foot six and has a skinny build, according to the homeowner. “She has blonde hair and appeared to be in her mid-20s,” the homeowner said. “She said her name was Cheyenne.”


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