Canyon Lake Yacht Club launches burgee exchange challenge

Cathy Lekawa is pictured at the Plymouth Yacht Club. Photo provided by the Canyon Lake Yacht Club.

The Canyon Lake Yacht Club announced the launch of its burgee exchange challenge, offering special recognition to members who collect the most burgees from other yacht clubs in the U.S. and abroad. It is a nautical tradition to exchange burgees when visiting other yacht clubs.

Members who accept the burgee exchange challenge are asked to purchase a Canyon Lake Yacht Club burgee and exchange it for a burgee from another yacht club. It must be a club that doesn’t already have a Canyon Lake burgee.

The member should record the exchange with a photo. Once the member returns the photo and the other club’s burgee back to the Canyon Lake Yacht Club, the member will earn recognition and a gold star for their efforts. The member with the most gold stars at the end of the year will be declared the winner. The winner will receive a special gift, recognition, a photo, and a feature on the club’s website.

Bob and Michelle Burns exchange burgees with the Coronado Cays Yacht Club. Photo provided by the Canyon Lake Yacht Club.

To date, the club has received 23 burgees from other clubs. Members Cathy and Dan Lekawa are the first to deliver an international burgee. It was from the Thousand Island Yacht Club in Ontario, Canada. Cathy met a member of the small yacht club earlier while on vacation and waiting for a ferry to Nantucket. This member invited the Lekawas to stop at Thousand Island on their way to Niagara Falls from Montreal.

For more information about the burgee exchange challenge, click here.

Canyon Lake Yacht Club members pose for a group photo with some of the burgees collected from other yacht clubs. Photo by Canyon Lake Insider.
Mary and Jim Lange are pictured with the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club's burgee. Photo provided by the Canyon Lake Yacht Club.
Kat Dimpflmaier exchanges burgees with the Santa Cruz Yacht Club. Photo provided by the Canyon Lake Yacht Club.

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