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Recent Catches: Jayden Teperson

When Jayden Teperson’s fishing reel broke during a recent outing at Diamond Point Park, Jayden and his friend, Chevy Coan, worked together to create Jayden a makeshift pole.  Using a

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Recent Catches: Nolan Kalmikov

Nine-year-old Nolan Kalmikov caught a bass weighing more than 10 pounds while fishing from his papa’s dock on the main lake on Sunday evening. Nolen caught the double-digit bass on

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Recent Catches: Zach Torrente

Twelve-year-old Zach Torrente caught a 10-pound catfish from his backyard on Canyon Lake’s East Bay. Torrente caught the fish around 9 p.m. on July 21. After posing for a few

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Recent Catches: Blake Harbin

Nine-year-old Canyon Laker Blake Harbin caught a large bass while night fishing on Thursday near the tennis courts. He used a rubber worm for bait. According to his mom, Christy,

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