City of Canyon Lake EMS Subscription Fee proposed to remain unchanged from previous year

The City of Canyon Lake EMS Subscription Program Fee of $192 is proposed to remain unchanged from the previous year. The EMS Response Fee is proposed to decrease from $1,483 to $1,356 per call, effective July 1.

The EMS Subscription Program protects members from any out-of-pocket expenses related to medical treatment provided by the Canyon Lake Fire Department. It does not cover ambulance transportation costs, as this is billed by a private company ambulance provider separate from the City of Canyon Lake.

For residential households, the subscription to the EMS Subscription Program covers all members, guests, and invitees of the subscriber’s household, or in the case of businesses, the business owner, employees, customers, guests, and invitees of the subscribing business, regardless of the location where the emergency medical services are rendered within the city.

Participation in the program is voluntary. All persons currently subscribed will continue to be subscribed for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024) unless the subscriber terminates their subscription by providing written notice to the city clerk by June 14, 2023.

For residents currently enrolled in the program, the annual service fee of $192 will continue to be collected on the property tax roll in the same manner as other city services, such as residential solid waste collection charges.

Residents who opted out of the EMS Program will not be charged the annual fee; however, if emergency medical services are provided by the Canyon Lake Fire Department or by any other first responder agency, the resident will receive an invoice from the city for $1,356 each time services are rendered, effective July 1.

All persons who have declined to participate, or have previously terminated their subscriptions, will not be subscribed unless they provide written notice to the city clerk of their desire to participate, or opt-in, in the EMS Subscription Program. Written notice should be sent to the city clerk by June 14, 2023.

The Canyon Lake City Council will be conducting a public hearing at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 14 at 6:30 p.m. Council will consider the adoption of a resolution establishing the EMS Subscription Fee and EMS Response Fee for the upcoming fiscal year. A written report describing the EMS Subscription Fees is on file at the Office of the City Clerk. At the public hearing, the council will receive any objections to the EMS Subscription Program fees and will make such revisions or corrections to the report as the council determines appropriate.

For more information about the EMS Subscription Program, click here.


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