City of Menifee deems Krikorian Theater site a public nuisance, requires buildings to be torn down

After failing to meet the required deadlines, the City of Menifee declared the Krikorian Theater portion of the Krikorian Entertainment Complex project a public nuisance.

Based on this action, the city’s Code Enforcement division has issued notification and corrective measures that must be completed by the project applicant, including demolishing existing theater structures and returning the project site to its original state or rehabilitating the structures and making all necessary corrections.

The corrective actions must be completed by September 21. If the corrective actions are not fulfilled by the project applicant at that time, the city may consider additional enforcement measures.

On May 11, the city informed the project applicant that their existing building permits would be expiring on June 2. A follow-up demand letter was sent by the city on June 6 requiring that new permit applications and construction documents be submitted by September 1.

Plans for the retail buildings located at the corner of Newport Road and Town Center Road were submitted prior to the September 1 deadline and will be processed to allow for the construction of the retail building; however, no plans were submitted to address new permits for the Theater Building. As a result, the city declared the Theater site a public nuisance.

“We have been extremely patient with the project developer, but the continued lack of progress and failure to meet deadlines has led the city to take additional action,” City Manager Armando G. Villa said. “While this project is on private property, the city has determined that code enforcement violations requiring corrective actions must be taken by the project applicant to ensure the health and safety of the Menifee community.”


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