City of Murrieta partners with Care Solace to increase access to mental health services

The City of Murrieta announced its partnership with Care Solace, an organization that bridges the gap between first responders, justice systems, social agencies, and community-based mental health providers to make access to mental health care more accessible for residents and businesses.

Serving more than 730 organizations across the United States, Care Solace now offers its services free of charge for all Murrieta residents.

The organization connects users to mental health and substance use treatment providers, regardless of insurance coverage. Care Solace also connects those in need with social services like housing, medical aid, and food, as well as community-based organizations that provide social assistance.

“People in Murrieta deserve immediate access to the services they need, and we’re here to support them every step of the way, Founder and CEO Chad Castruita said. “We’ll make the calls. We will find the help they need. Care Solace is proud to stand alongside the City of Murrieta in prioritizing the well-being of its residents.”

With a team of more than 500 care companions, Care Solace connects Murrieta residents to more than 350,000 licensed mental health and substance use treatment providers. These care companions navigate the fragmented mental health care system on behalf of individuals, helping them find the perfect fit for their needs and insurance.

“We are incredibly proud to announce this transformative collaboration because it prioritizes mental and physical well-being for everyone and provides easy access to a comprehensive network of providers and resources,” Murrieta Mayor Dr. Lisa DeForest said.

Care Solace’s coordination services are available to Murrieta residents at no cost. For more information, visit


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