Health and Fitness Column: Benefits to group and partner training

Melissa Vogel trains with a group of women. Photo provided by Melissa Vogel.

By Melissa Vogel  
Health and Fitness Columnist, Canyon Lake Insider 

Group and partner training is on the rise and might be one of the missing links to your fitness success and longevity. With advancing technology and social media, this is now possible to even do virtually. Why go at it alone when you can push and hustle with a group?

Being around other like-minded individuals who face the same struggle of getting their workout clothes on, getting in the car, and putting in the effort to show up is priceless. Humans naturally thrive in tribes. So, when you combine this with your workouts and exercise routine, magic can happen.

“Accountability” is an evil but necessary word in the fitness world. People know that they desperately need it, but very few will actually admit it. Without a solid routine, it becomes easy to slack off and take several “rest days” in a row. However, working out in a group or partner setting helps with accountability. Just knowing that others are counting on you, and there’s a mutual interest toward fitness goals, helps to ensure that you keep showing up. 

There are also benefits when it comes to cost. Most partner or group training options, whether that is in-person or virtual, are at a discounted rate. When you train with a group and community the cost is typically less expensive than one-on-one coaching. Plus, it can be extremely beneficial when other people are paying attention and will know if you are showing up or not.

Adults need guidance and someone holding them to their commitments just as much as children and teens. It might not feel good to admit that out loud, but it definitely can help push someone to go that extra mile and keep moving forward. 

Motivation and energy are contagious. Having someone on the same journey who is feeling the same pain you are experiencing will inspire you to give it all you’ve got. Pushing through 10 more burpees or bench pressing your own bodyweight becomes a lot easier when your partner or teammates are there to cheer you on. Knowing that you’re not alone and finishing those reps together could be just what you need to help you hit your goals and lose that extra 10 pounds. 

Finding the right people to train with can be difficult at first, but once you find a match it can be beneficial to all parties involved. When deciding who to train with, look for the following attributes: dependable, hard-working, encouraging, and having a positive attitude. It’s almost impossible to find someone who exudes all of these characteristics. A solid partner will present these attributes the majority of the time. Remember, you’re not perfect either, and this is an opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths. 

When looking at partner and group attributes, dependability should be at the top of your list. You want to know that your fitness companions are reliable and will actually show up to do the work too. Hard-working and encouraging should also be a top priority when deciding who to train with. You definitely don’t want to be the only one who’s staying focused and putting in the work. It should be a partnership where you each contribute and motivate one another to do your best.

Lastly, having a positive attitude is a must. No one wants to exercise with someone who has a negative outlook on their health and fitness. Everyone should have similar goals and aspirations and want to be on this fitness journey together. 

Melissa Vogel is a fitness expert with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She is a fitness trainer, host of the Bomb Mom Podcast, a keynote speaker, model, actress, second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and mother of three daughters. For more information, visit


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