Letter to the Editor: Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce president bids farewell


As the saying goes, time sure flies by when you are having fun! It has been my honor to serve as president of the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce for the last several years. I was blessed to be able enjoy the experience while we began the process of reestablishing old relationships and fostering new ones.

I was lucky to inherit an organization with a strong base in the community from the previous president, Jim Randle, and executive director, Alison Burrafato.  

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to construct a solid foundation on that base while having a blast doing so. The last several years have seen the chamber rebuild, reorganize, and rebrand. 

This could not have been done without the help of many incredible individuals. Thank you to Kristina Rasband for your creativity, Joseph DeCasperis for your vision and for keeping me centered, John Grande for your ideas, Dolores Badillo for your zest, Kellie Welty for your forthrightness, Megan Cortes for your gusto, Erin Adams for your excitement, Julie Ngo for your knowledge, Brenda Lees for your reliability, Donna Ritchie for your input, Kyler Battleson for your eagerness and Heidi Currie for filling some shoes that needed to be filled.

As my chapter ends, a new one begins. I wish every success to the incoming 2023 Board of Directors: John Grande, president; Megan Cortes, vice president; Erin Adams. secretary/treasurer; and Kyler Battleson, director of membership.

In their capable hands, the chamber will continue to grow and prosper. To use one last construction metaphor, I am sure that they will raise a skyscraper on the foundation that was built by all of us.

So long, but not goodbye, my friends and colleagues.

President Jeanne ODell, Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce


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