Letter to the Editor: Canyon Lake Lodge renovation concerns


I write this letter to voice my concerns regarding the planning and implementation of the lodge renovation project.

In January 2023, the CLPOA Board voted and approved the renovation of the lodge, Lighthouse Restaurant, and outside grounds. The issue with this project is that there has been no consideration of members’/clubs’ previously scheduled events. There are many weddings, parties, club events, and community events that are going to be severely impacted or canceled due to the established timeline of this construction project.

This project is hurting our members. The simple solution for this issue is to postpone the project, block off days for construction, and not allow members or clubs to schedule events during the construction timeframe.

I want to remind the members of this community and association that we have a voice in numbers. It is our duty as a community to be vocal and stand up for what is right, especially when the CLPOA Board or management fail to consider the impact of their decisions on community members’ planned events and the monetary investment associated with these events.

If you share my same concerns, I encourage you to write an email or attend the next CLPOA Board meeting on February 7 at 6 p.m. to voice your opinion with a public comment.

Thank you, Blake Bonelli


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