Menifee students and staff team up for television show

Team Callie Superstars on the set of Play-Doh Squidshed. Photo provided by MUSD.

Representing Menifee’s Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School, students Rayden Isaiah Duson and Stephon “Prince” Pieters and teachers Alex Friedrichs and Amy Runner teamed up to win $5,000 on the Amazon Series show Play-Doh Squished. Together they formed the “Callie Superstars.”

Hosted by celebrity Sarah Hyland, this entertaining game show invites teams to compete in two physical challenges and a sculpture competition.

On the show, the Callie Superstars explored the world of desserts and created all sorts of tasty treats using play-doh. Through their creation, “Sweet Rescue”, Raiden and Stephon invented a story that took place in Menifee’s own Wheatfield Park, where critters and creatures worked together to rescue a caterpillar friend. Teachers Friedrichs and Runner coached them throughout the dessert-themed episode.

“In MUSD, collaboration is one of the core dispositions we wish to instill in our students, and in this episode, you see the excitement and creativity that comes with collaboration,” Superintendent Jennifer Root said. “It is truly heartwarming to see MUSD teachers provide opportunities for collaboration every day, not just on TV.”

Sample student work at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School. Photo provided by MUSD.

Out of the studio and back in MUSD, Friedrichs and Runner brought this same creative experience to the students in their classrooms. First, they all watched the show together. Then they formed teams, combining students from both
classrooms. Each team had to make a story about Christmas and candy. They used cardboard and Play-Doh to build something to show their story. After five days, each team showed their building and shared their story with both classes.

After receiving recognition from the Governing Board, students Raiden and Stephon said they were going to use their winnings to buy school supplies for their teachers and a Nintendo Switch.


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