Murrieta Fire & Rescue unveils cutting-edge radio system

Murrieta Fire & Rescue (MFR) launched the Public Safety Emergency Communication (PSEC) system, replacing the agency’s aging VHF radio infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology. As the first fire department in Riverside County to transition its radios to PSEC, MFR is leading the way with this new era of communication.

PSEC ensures the highest level of protection for Murrieta’s growing community. PSEC will allow MFR to communicate with other first responder agencies throughout the county and their Cal Fire partners at the state level, empowering firefighters and paramedics to communicate more effectively.

PSEC’s reach extends beyond city borders, fostering seamless collaboration with neighboring agencies during joint operations and regional emergencies. Modern digital technology powers clear voice communication, empowering first responders with situational awareness and the ability to respond quickly and effectively. PSEC facilitates clear communication and efficient coordination during natural disasters and large-scale events, enabling a rapid and effective response.

As Murrieta grows, PSEC’s infrastructure grows alongside it, guaranteeing reliable communication even in an
expanding city. Built-in redundancy ensures critical information flows uninterrupted, even during emergencies.

The operations of PSEC are guided by a seven-member Steering Committee made up of subscriber agencies. PSEC Steering Committee Chairperson, Murrieta PD Chief Tony Conrad, said that having MFR join the system as the first municipal Fire Department is a huge step for the City of Murrieta and is consistent with PSEC’s goal to have seamless communication between every first responder in Riverside County.

“Murrieta Fire now joins every law enforcement agency in the county, as well as County Fire, as a full-use subscriber on PSEC,” Chief Conrad said. “The ultimate goal is to have every law and fire agency in Riverside County on PSEC to ensure the optimum inter-operability between all Riverside County first responders, and Murrieta Fire and Rescue is taking a huge step forward in helping accomplish that goal.”

Currently housed and managed by the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, the PSEC budget is adopted by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.


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