Pet Column: Let’s talk toys

Bandit sits on her large scuffle mat, next to a Classic Kong, JW HOL-ee Roller, and a small scuffle mat bowl. Photo by Elle Williams.
By Elle Williams  
Pet Columnist, Canyon Lake Insider

We all know dogs love a good toy, but there’s more to toys than just chewing and stuffing. I’m going to focus on three toys that will work your dog’s mind while keeping them busy.

My top pick when it comes to making life with a dog easier is the classic Kong. Kong brand is known for its durability and the classic Kong is nothing short of strong. Designed to have spreadable treats inside, I use this toy to get dogs comfortable in a crate, busy while I’m away, and to fulfill my dog’s love of licking.

Scuffle mats are the ultimate playground for your dog’s nose. These mats come in various sizes ranging from a large bowl to an entire carpet. The mats are made with felt pockets, flaps, folds, and other obstacles your dog must navigate to find kibble and other assorted solid treats. It’s a great way to make dinner time a time to burn mental and physical energy while slowing down even the fastest eater.

Tired of constantly going through stuffed plushie toys? Why not invest in a toy that your dog can pull out all the stuffing they want and be able to fill it back up for another day. The JW HOL-ee Roller does just that. You can stuff this toy with cut-up felt or leftovers from their last plushie toy. Add some solid treats amongst the stuffing and you’ll have the ultimate shred-able and eatable toy combo. 

Elle Williams is a local in-home dog trainer and the owner of Give a Sit Dog Training. She is certified in dog psychology, nutrition, and grooming, and specializes in basic and advanced obedience, puppy prep, and behavior adjustment training.


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