POA Board approves 28-day reading for revision of rule PC.8.1 to clearly define where trees shall be planted in front yard

The POA Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a 28-day reading for a rule revision to PC.8.1: Improved Lots.

The ACC Committee has found that a clear definition of the rule is required where trees shall be planted in the front yard. The courtyard area is not considered an area in which trees can be planted in the front yard since it can be developed into habitable space.

The update to this rule includes the definition of the area in which trees can be planted, which includes a portion of the community setback starting six-feet back from the curb in addition to the 20-foot front yard setback.

The revised rule is as follows:

Landscaping must be maintained in neat, clean, manicured, and attractive condition on all improved lots. All yards and slopes must be improved with some form of landscaping in all areas. A minimum of two 15-gallon trees or larger located in the 20-foot front setback and/or community setback, excluding the courtyard area if applicable, are required. Trees must be planted a minimum of six-feet back from the curb. Planting additional trees throughout the property is encouraged but not required. See PC.8.4 for information on trees. All landscaping shall be maintained in a reasonably weed-free condition. Bare dirt is not an approved landscaping material. See PC.8.10 for information on artificial grass and decompose granite. A minimum of one-third ratio of landscaping to concrete shall be maintained in the front yard.

Photo courtesy of the POA.


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