POA Board approves 28-day reading to revise rule pertaining to recreational vehicle, camping trailer parking on streets

The Canyon Lake POA Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a 28-day reading for a rule revision to GR.5.5a: No recreational vehicle and trailer parking/storage on streets for more than 24 hours.

The revised rule allows recreational vehicles, 5th wheels, and camping trailers to be parked on the street for up to 48 hours. If needed, a permit for a 24-hour extension may be obtained at the Community Patrol office. Permits are limited to two in a 30-day period per vehicle.

The vehicle/trailer must be parked in front of the member’s lot or as close as possible.

Pop-outs may be extended toward the street for up to a two hours for immediate loading and unloading only. It must be properly lit at night.

The Canyon Lake Rules and Regulations are posted on the POA website at


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