POA Board approves revised rule pertaining to recreational, trailer parking on Canyon Lake streets

The Canyon Lake POA Board on Tuesday approved a revision to a rule that pertains to recreational vehicle and trailer parking and storage on streets.


Over the last several months, various community members and members of the Appeals Committee have expressed concerns regarding recreation vehicle and trailer parking and the associated rules. The concerns include the volume and length of time that recreational vehicles and trailers are being parked on the streets, Recreational vehicle pop-outs extended into the streets, and general confusion on the definition of a trailer as it relates to this specific rule. The revised rule addresses these concerns.

The revised rule is as follows:

Recreational vehicles, 5th wheels, and camping trailers may not park on Canyon Lake streets for more than 48 hours at a time and only to permit loading and unloading. If 48 hours is not practical, a member may obtain a permit from Community Patrol for an additional 24 hours. Members are limited to two permits in a 30-day period per vehicle. The member must visit Community Patrol at Bluebird Hall to obtain the permit prior to the expiration of the initial 48-hour period.

Recreational vehicles, 5th wheels, and camping trailers must be parked as near as possible to the owner’s property. Pop-ups may be extended for a two-hour period. The owner must be present and actively loading and unloading. After dark, illuminating devices or traffic cones with a reflective collar must be displayed on each corner that extends toward the center of the street.


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