Canyon Lake POA Board candidates discuss plans to manage existing responsibilities with added responsibilities of a board member

Two of the five seats on the Canyon Lake POA Board are up for election in May. The seven candidates running for a seat on the board are Rita Bendlin, Greg Doherty, Carl Gardner, Kalon Morris, Alexis Prince, Tony Schwarzman, and Bill Van Vleet. Lance Phillips withdrew from the election.

Canyon Lake Insider invited the candidates to answer a series of questions in the weeks leading up to the election. During this period, residents will have the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates and learn what they hope to accomplish if they are elected to serve on the board.

This week, the seven candidates were invited to answer the following question in 350 or fewer words:

According to the POA, a board member will spend an average of 728 hours per year, 1,456 hours per term, dedicated to POA business. Can you commit 100 percent to the requirements of the role of a board member and how do you plan to manage your existing responsibilities and the added responsibilities of a board member to meet the needs of the POA Board?

The order of the candidates is rotated each week to provide each candidate an opportunity to be heard first.

Greg Doherty

One of the primary elements of my campaign for the POA Board is “time commitment.” I thought about this long and hard before committing to run for office. I’ve been retired for three years, and while I have a couple of hobbies and four grandkids to occupy some of my time, they are elective activities that I can put aside when other priorities arise. So when I decided to run, I knew I could put in the time needed to do it right.

As to existing responsibilities, I will step down from my current duties on the Finance and Dredge Committees if elected. I see a potential conflict of interest in simultaneously holding those two posts and a board directorship position. This will, however, create an opportunity for other members to volunteer for these committees.

I ask that the member residents of Canyon Lake consider this question very seriously.  Some of the other candidates have full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and/or families to support. My candidacy bears none of those important responsibilities. If elected, I will devote the time needed to fulfill my fiduciary duty as a member of the CLPOA Board of Directors.

Carl Gardner

The POA’s estimate of time spent as a director is assuming business as usual. If the board focuses on standardizing and streamlining procedures, we won’t have to spend as much time as the CLPOA estimates. However, even with the POA’s estimate, my schedule allows me to dedicate that amount of time. What CLPOA processes would you streamline? Message me at [email protected]

Kalon Morris

My family and I are completely committed to putting in all the time necessary to be on the board of directors. I am fortunate to have a job as a community college professor, which allows me plenty of free time. I might have to play a little less golf, but I’m more than willing to use my extra time to improve our community.

My college has thankfully returned to on-campus teaching, but the classes I teach are all on Mondays and Wednesdays. Most of my actual work time is spent grading, which I can do on my own schedule. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Alexis Prince

I would absolutely be able to commit to the time required. As a member of the POA Board, I would not be extending my positions with the Woman’s Club or the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  In time alone, that will free up more than the average amount of time.

I have always been able to prioritize my time in order to successfully meet my commitments. In my vast experience running my own business, I have always been willing to put in whatever time is needed to be financially successful and to provide for my family. As I have done with other boards that I have served on — this work ethic has never wavered.

Currently, as a member of the POA ACC, I spend two days a week reviewing permits, blueprints, meeting with members, dock replacements/repairs, and any other exterior improvements. I enjoy being on the ACC Committee and serving the members of our community.  

In addition, I currently serve as the president of the Canyon Lake Woman’s Club 14 to 20 hours per week. The CLWC is one of the largest clubs in Canyon Lake. I appreciate the philanthropic endeavors of the CLWC as we serve many individuals and organizations. I always enjoy working and serving with other women to achieve these goals.  

If I am elected, I would consider being on the board of directors an honor and a trust, and I plan on doing whatever is necessary to successfully serve the members of our community.  

Tony Schwarzman

By submitting my candidacy for the POA board I am committed 100 percent to meeting the needs of the board and ultimately our community. The calculation of 728 hours per year/1456 per two-year term is a relatively small amount of time to dedicate to our hometown. Moreover, I don’t view this as a time calculation, I view this time as an investment that pays societal dividends to our shared community. 

As a marine, I’m committed to the code of shared purpose. Our purpose, our people, our ideas, our community – this calculates to exponentially more than job hours – this is a hardwired mindset. I’m hardwired to serve until the job is done. My values have always exceeded the parameters of a 40-hour workweek, which is why I am able to lead a thriving business, be a committed husband and father, and serve the community and Canyon Lake POA with not only ease but anticipation. 

I’ve submitted my candidacy not to fill hours in the day but to fill the needs and opportunities unique to Canyon Lake. As the old proverb goes, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” This is because busy folks have a rigorous process – they allocate quickly, act decisively, and delegate appropriately to ensure the job always gets done. 

The more profound insight is that reliable people become busy because they’ve earned the trust of their community. By voting for me, you’ll join the ranks of fortune 500 companies and the US Marine Corps who have experienced my values, my commitment, and my reliability to get the job done. A vote for Tony for POA is a vote for our community. 

Bill Van Vleet

Serving on a board of directors is a job and this time commitment amounts to an average of 60 hours per month or two hours of service every day. I fully understand this commitment and considered it seriously in making a decision to run for the POA Board. 

I retired from my last company four years ago and started a consulting practice to advise CEOs and business owners on strategies to grow their businesses and optimize operations. I also served as an executive mentor to the business school at Cal State Fullerton to guide student entrepreneurs in launching new companies at the CSUF Startup Incubator. I concluded both of these efforts last year. My current stage of life is more focused on giving back, and I look forward to devoting time and attention to serving this community. 

While I state a firm commitment to provide the time necessary to serve on this board effectively, I believe it is important to demonstrate commitment through my actions. In the ten days since announcing my candidacy, I attended 23 events, each lasting an average of two hours. These actions enable greater outreach, accessibility, and understanding of the current and future needs of our community.

Rita Bedlin

As 728 is about 31 days or term obligation about 62 days. If I just took an hour or two a day, I see the challenge of making time for my duties as a board member of CLPOA. Myself, learning through life and dedication of raising triplets at age 18, plus one more later as a single mom with a cosmetology career and lifetime teaching credentials. Organizing my time has always been an art of performances, which also I have had great experiences in the performing art career. This in my early years. I either teach college or I am attending college.

As of today, I am an advocate with the Riverside Behavioral Health Advisory Board committees. Being elected, I would finish up my advocate work with the County of Riverside and focus on the City of Canyon Lake. Even if I do not serve on the CLPOA Board, I have full intentions of being an advocate supporting the CLPOA and city.

I am now free from obligations with my large family, who are finally doing fine and living their own lives, opening many hours for myself. I choose not to have any pets, I tell my husband he is my only pet.

Financially we appear to be stable, as best in today’s world. So keeping life simple and honest has always brought me plenty of time. Being organized is my model. “One Step at a Time!”

I spent the last year going for therapy, getting every health exam possible from head to toe for approval of my health through doctors’ approval. They all told me I am good to go. I am the owner of Works of Heart, my personable advocate helpline. non-profit total free. Thank You for taking the time to examine my background.

Also, I am working on misconceptions said about me, which are strictly speculations or misunderstood situations. This is one reason I am making time to bring some common sense back into the communities. We need balance in almost everything today.

Last week, Canyon Lake Insider asked the candidates about their involvement in the community and how it will benefit homeowners if they are elected to serve on the board. To view their answers, click here.


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