Canyon Lake POA director presents community security update

Provided by Bill Van Vleet.

During the March POA Board of Directors meeting, Director Bill Van Vleet provided the community with a security update. Topics in the presentation included security incident tracking, Community Patrol overview and stats, community camera improvements, Security Advisory Committee, Security Camera Program, results of successful community collaboration, and partnership opportunities between the POA and the City of Canyon Lake.

More than 2,700 incidents were logged over the last six months, according to Director Van Vleet. Two-thirds of the incidents were speeding and parking violations. Security/vandalism incidents averaged 50 per month.

The high volume of activities in the community resulted in efforts to enhance and increase the quality, resolution, and placement of cameras at POA facilities. Photos provided by Bill Van Vleet.

The high volume of activities in the community resulted in the POA’s efforts to enhance and increase the quality, resolution, and placement of cameras at POA facilities throughout the community.

Video evidence aided in the following incidents:

  • Motorcycle theft at the main gate (5/10/22 – 5/11/22) – Surveillance footage and Flock safety cameras identify the involved vehicle that stole two motorcycles.
  • East Bay speeding boat (7/24/22) – Through the help of several witnesses and member surveillance, the POA identified the boat owner and responsible parties.
  • Roadrunner Park restroom damage (7/6/22) – Surveillance camera footage and community feedback via Facebook enabled the identification of the parties responsible for damage to the newly completed amenity.
  • Golf course bicycle damage (10/25/22) – The incident was reported by several residents and through surveillance footage and community feedback via Facebook, staff was able to identify all parties involved in riding e-bikes on the course.
  • Pump track landscape damage (12/27/22) – Surveillance footage and community feedback via Facebook resulted in the identification of all parties involved in damage to the Vacation Park landscape.
Provided by Bill Van Vleet.

The Security Advisory Committee was formed in August 2022. The committee is made up of seven members and two alternates with experience in law enforcement, facility security, and/or security technology. The committee provides feedback to the board on security statistics, evaluates the number/quality of POA cameras, provides quarterly security tips to CL Living, investigates the Neighborhood Watch program, initiates Security Camera Program, assesses options or future technology enhancements, conducts perimeter access audits, partners with the city, and assessing options for future technology.

In December 2022, the POA launched a new Security Camera Program that allows residents with surveillance systems to voluntarily add themselves to a list that the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and POA may refer to if a criminal incident occurred nearby. 

Residents participating in the Security Camera Program would only be contacted by the POA and/or law enforcement to request permission to view the resident’s camera footage if there is a criminal incident near their security camera. Residents are not giving the POA or law enforcement access to their systems or footage, but instead agreeing to be contacted if they have a camera that may have been in the vicinity of a criminal incident. Providing any camera footage is strictly voluntary. To date, 56 residents have signed up for the program.

To view the full presentation, email Director Van Vleet at [email protected].


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