Seven-year-old entrepreneur receives lesson in “paying it forward”

Paisley Siepker raised $183 selling snow cones. A generous donation made by resident Maryann Briseno allowed Paisley to give away 25 snow cones to the community. Photo provided by Kelley Siepker.

Seven-year-old Canyon Lake resident Paisley Siepker received a lesson in “paying it forward” when she decided to hold a snow cone sale on Sunday to raise money to purchase an Xbox for her 11-year-old brother, Parker.

When resident Maryann Briseno learned about Paisley’s business venture through a Facebook post, she messaged the youngster’s mother, Kelley Siepker. Maryann explained that she would like to donate $100 and would do so under the condition that Paisley gives away 25 snow cones to the community.

“Someone my daughter doesn’t even know donated money toward snow cones for other kids. My daughter was so excited,” said Kelley. “Even in the midst of all the craziness going on in the world, there is still lots of good.”

Combined with Briseno’s donation and other small donations from generous customers, Paisley raised $183. “I am proud of Paisley’s creativity and ambition, especially at such a young age,” said Kelley.


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