Springtime shift: daylight saving time starts eight-month run

Daylight saving time starts its eight-month run on Sunday, March 10, when clocks are turned forward one hour at 2 a.m.

While for many, this biannual time adjustment may seem like a minor inconvenience or a welcome reprieve, it serves as a subtle reminder of the sun’s daily impact on our lives and signals the imminent arrival of spring.

Daylight saving time has become a familiar tradition in many parts of the world. Beyond simply adjusting schedules, daylight saving time holds symbolic significance, heralding longer days, blooming flowers, and the promise of warmer weather.

In addition to resetting clocks, public safety officials offer a timely reminder: alongside adjusting timepieces, it’s crucial to ensure the proper functioning of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing the batteries in these life-saving devices when changing the clocks. Moreover, it’s advised to replace smoke alarms every ten years, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding against potential hazards.


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