Sweetheart couples honored at golf tournament

Don and Ann Norris are named the 2020 Sweetheart Couple by the Men’s Golf Club. Photo provided by Mavis Schutz.

The Canyon Lake Men’s Golf Club and 9ers Golf Club teamed up to host the Valentine’s Friends Tournament this year. 

The highlight of the event was the 2020 Sweetheart Couple Award.  The Men’s Club honored Anne and Don Norris as their 2020 Sweetheart Couple and the 9ers Golf Club honored Blanche and Kenny Stark.

Anne and Don Norris have been married for more than 40 years and have been active in the community. Don has been a part of the Tuesday Work Group for more than 25 years and currently serves as president of the group.

Blanche and Kenny Stark have been married for 70 years. Kenny is a member of the Men’s Golf Club and Blanche is one of the original 10 women who founded the 9ers Golf Club.

Kenny and Blanche Stark are named the 2020 Sweetheart Couple by the 9ers Golf Club. Photo provided by Mavis Schutz.

The tournament results are as follows:

Four Person Aggregate Tin Whistle

1st place: Jesse Beecher, KK Beecher, Tom Faia, and Julie Faia. 

2nd place: Cathy Barr, Mary Burns, Travis Montgomery, and Dave Nickel.

3rd place: Ross Hanover, Carol Paulis, Jim Paulis, and Oscar Rowland. 

Four Person Scramble A Flight

1st place: Linda Kielty, Roger Kielty, Don Roberson, and Teresa Roberson. 

2nd place: Jeff Reams, Karen Reams, Rod Smith, and Patti Smith.

3rd place: Russ Muscarella, Sue Muscarella, Doug Uhler, and Joanna Uhler.

Four Person Scramble B Flight

1st place: Dan Buckley, Mike Buckely, Barbie Spencer, and Helen Sullivan.

2nd place: Clive Taylor, Sylvia Taylor, Greg Trinkaus, and Beth Trinkaus.

3rd place: Randy Schutz, Mavis Schutz, Ted Russelle, and Kathy Russelle.

Skins Winners

Kathy Barr won two skins for eagles on holes 6 and 16, Tom Faia won two skins for an eagle on hole 7 and a birdie on hole 10, and Terry Voss won two skins for a double eagle on hole 5 and an eagle on hole 17.


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