Two announce candidacy for POA Board of Directors

Two of the five seats on the Canyon Lake POA Board of Directors will become vacant in May when the two-year terms of Dale Welty and Jim Barringham expire. 

Joe Kamashian and incumbent Jim Barringham have announced their candidacy. Their resumes can be viewed at

Per Civil Code on Election by Acclamation, when the number of director nominees is not more than the number of vacancies to be elected, only associations with 6,000 or more units may elect the nominees by acclamation. Canyon Lake has 4,800 units, and therefore cannot elect the nominees by acclamation and must follow through with an election. Write-ins on the ballots are also accepted.

The candidates’ statements, ballots, and notice of the Annual Meeting will be mailed to eligible voters on April 14. Voters should mail their ballots no later than May 8. Once a member mails or delivers his/her ballot, that ballot cannot be changed or revoked.

Polls will open on May 14 at 8 a.m. at the lodge. The polls will close and the Annual Meeting will be called to order at approximately 9 a.m.

The Inspector of Elections is HOA Elections of California, Inc. For ballot questions, call 951-667-7191 or email


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