Canyon Lake resident celebrates one year of daily walks, clocking more than 2,500 miles

Chris Papavero takes a selfie by the lake during one of his daily walks. Photo provided by Chris Papavero.

On Wednesday, June 26, Canyon Lake resident Chris Papavero reached his goal of walking 365 consecutive days, averaging between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day.

Over the course of his journey, Papavero said he logged about 2,555 miles. He averages five to eight miles per day, with some days reaching up to 12 miles.

Walking has been a wonderful experience for Papavero, offering him numerous opportunities to meet his fellow Canyon Lakers. “A lot of people now honk and wave at me as I walk different routes around Canyon Lake,” he said. ” I also get to see so much of Canyon Lake, from the wildlife to what people do to improve their homes,” Papavero said.

One of the interesting things Papavero has noticed on his daily walks is the number of people who have vintage cars in their driveways and garages. He often stops to talk to the car owners and has even started carrying the Car Club’s membership forms to pass out.

In addition to promoting the Car Club, Papavero also carries the Garden Club’s membership forms, handing them out to people he sees gardening along his route. As the president of the Garden Club, Papavero always seizes an opportunity to recruit new club members.

Enduring a spectrum of temperatures, Papavero’s daily walks have been a testament to his adaptability. Typically embarking on his daily walks around 10 a.m. and concluding around noon, his commitment to walking every day remains unwavering.

Reflecting on his journey, Papavero said he feels healthier, eats healthier foods, and has lost about 25 pounds. “I can now do things I couldn’t do before I started walking, like picking up my leg and resting it on my knee,” he said.  

Papavero plans to continue his daily walks, staying committed to the routine that has brought him so much joy and well-being.


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