New Marine Traffic Monitoring Radar System tracks, cites speeding boats

The POA announced that the new Marine Traffic Monitory Radar System is up and running, covering marine traffic on the main lake and a good part of the East Bay.

An additional camera will be installed at Diamond Point Park once Southern California Edison installs a meter there. The POA plans to install a second radar unit at Indian Beach when the lake level goes down and a new dock can be installed.

Similar to the use of the POA’s radar speed trailers that monitor and ticket speeders on the streets, this system will allow 24/7 Marine Patrol coverage for the vast majority of the lake. Should a boat be exceeding the speed limit day or night, the radar arrays and software will track and target that boat and trigger the cameras to record their motion and CF number. A speeding boat can be tracked, targeted, photographed, and cited.

On October 1, 2019, the POA Board of Directors approved funding from the Capital Improvement Fund in the amount of $102,875.37, plus a four percent contingency, for the new system, additional computers, network cabling, Operations staff time, and a new electric meter at Diamond Point Park.


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